Kido Butai: Japan's Carriers at Midway


Kido Butai: Japan's Carriers at Midway

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At 1020 hours on June 4, 1942, Japanese naval aircraft still ruled the skies over the Pacific. All that changed within ten minutes, when U. S. dive bombers sunk three out of four carriers constituting Kido Butai, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s main strike force which had devastated Pearl Harbor only six months before.

The solitaire game Kido Butai simulates the dramatic events of the pivotal battle at Midway from a Japanese perspective. As commander of the Tenno's strike force, your task is to destroy the American base on the atoll and sink any carrier you encounter while preserving your own strength. Simple yet elegant mechanics make for an entertaining challenge. Will you be up to it and keep the imperial sun shining?


8-page rules booklet
8’’ x 12’’ map
55 die-cut counters

You also need 1 six-sided die and 3 opaque containers (for example coffee cups) which are not provided with the game.

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