Hindenburg's Hour: The Tannenberg Campaign 1914


Hindenburg's Hour: The Tannenberg Campaign 1914

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From the publisher:


Hindenburg’s Hour is a solitaire simulation of the Tannenberg campaign in August, 1914, which puts you in place of the commander of the German 8th Army. Your task is to defend the province of East Prussia against the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies, advancing from east and south, respectively. Simple yet elegant mechanics make for an entertaining challenge. Will you be up to it and justify the Kaiser’s faith in you?

8-page rules booklet
8’’ x 12’’ map
25 die-cut counters

You also need 1 six-sided die which is not provided with the game.

Hindenburg’s Hour has been developed in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für historische Simulationen (German Society for Historical Simulations, GHS).

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